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14 Jan 2015

Windows RT and difference with Windows 8

Today, you might often hear the launch of a tablet that uses the Windows operating system RT. OS is the latest operating system launched by Microsoft in conjunction with Windows 8. But do you know the difference between Windows RT with Windows 8?

The most fundamental difference is the usability of Windows RT. If Windows 8 is an operating system that is used for tablets or computers with x86-based processor, it is not the case with Windows RT. OS is for tablets using ARM-based processors.

This step is done by Microsoft to meet the market demand. Especially when it found many smartphones and tablets are launched using ARM processor. Microsoft Surface tablet itself was launched in two versions, the version of Windows 8 and Windows versions of RT.

This OS also has a desktop like those in Windows 8. Surely OS also comes with applications such as Control Panel, Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Office. Even these applications will also be supported with touchscreen capabilities.

However, on this platform only allows applications that can only be obtained from the Windows Store or applications that are already in the OS. So, it could be said that Windows 8 apps can not be run on the Windows platform RT. In addition, Microsoft also stated that this OS will not be sold to the public. To obtain the OS, you can only get by buying a tablet.


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