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21 Sep 2012

The Best IP Scanner, Angry IP Scanner

Every time I was in an internet connection on the LAN network, sometimes in this heart terbesit anyone who connect to the network I was using. Since I am the admin on the network I try to open direct modem + ADSL Router and see LAN Client connected.

But I do not see the real computer I mean. I do not know why this happens, but usually I need a computer IP address in question so that I can set up an internet connection here (like in the allow or block). Because sometimes a lot of users who like to download in the hours of work are very solid. But since I am lazy to use a network protocol analyzer (later wrote ngebahas this software) then I tried using Angry IP Scanner only (anyway I already know which machine is harmful activities, but I just need info on his IP only).

Name : Angry IP Scanner

The function of the software is already clear from the name that is to scan IP and open ports. The point after getting the information about the IP, hostname, and the port is open, we can use to enter the slit of the port depends on which port we will enter. For example if port 21 for ftp, or 80 for http. Problems weakness on the port that is used you can search on www.milw0rm.com

How to use?

First downloaded directly from the website (freeware).

This is the initial view after you first open (although previously there are some tips that I did not read). Will display the default scan IP and IP to you (I mean if its IP and my hostname (computer name) that kriptonhaz. We can set the range to be scanned, in this case I want to scan the ip range from to (remember the same subnet mask, because I set the default subnet mask section).

Then click the start button. This software scans one by one IP from which we set earlier. When finished it will appear like this

And let's see what happens.
Seen on the screen is no information about the IP, Ping, Hostname, and Port. Blue display on the IP field indicates the IP is active while the red is not active. To Ping ie how good the connection is done, the lower  the value the better the connection. For hostname the name of the computer you are using, it appears there was n / a in there somehow possible computer with the IP is installed third-party firewall zone alarm or comodo kind that can not resolve its hostname. To port is empty by default because this software does not scan the port.

To scan a port, my advice you should first learn about the vulnerability or weakness of the port (you can google or ask others about this). Once you know the live view settings for that go to Tools> Preferences> Port and later will look like the image below.
You just enter the pot you want to be scanned. Actually there are many software that can scan weakness or open ports on the target computer, but the advantages of the software is the ability to scan IP mass in quick time.

Not only on a LAN, but on the web can be done (or you can just try to find the tutorial on another site). Just download and try it.


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