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16 Sep 2012

Make Blog More Beaitiful With 10 Widget Options

Blog it like a woman. The more beautiful the woman, the more fans. Similarly blog. The more beautiful appearance, the more visitors at home in her blog. Blog adorn our blog was required to look neat.

By doing so, visitors who stop by the institutions will endure and often visit our blog again. Many ways to beautify your blog, among others choose the right template and color. Widgetpun also needed to make our blog more beautiful look. Well, here are 10 widget options to beautify your blog.

1. The Search Box

This widget is very useful to facilitate visitors find blog content buddy. This widget provided by blogger. Had it in the right sidebar on this blog is google adsense search box (overt) hehehe.

2. Alexa Widget

Alexa widget to let you know our blog alexa rank status. His choice kalo gak widgets are 3 kinds of wrong. This widget can be obtained from its own alexa site.

3. Widget Page Rank

This works to find out page rank blog. This widget can be obtained from pagerankchecker.info, mypagerank.net, and other sites. Much coke that provides this widget.

4. Feedburner Count

This widget is to determine the amount of subscription buddy blog. For instance, in the right sidebar of this blog. This widget can be obtained from feedburner.com.

5. Web / Blog Counter

This widget to calculate the number of visitors to our blog. Innumerable web widget providers / blog counter. Please look for yourself on google. But, one of the most famous is histats.com.

6. Flag Counter

Flag counter has the same function as counter blog. But the difference, counter flag also features the country from which the visitor came from the symbol of the flag. For example, can be seen at the bottom of this blog. Click if U want his widget. Do not worry, this is not an ad. The thing is, I forget his address (hehe).

7. MyBlogLog Recent Readers

MyBlogLog widget from this display from the visitors blog avatar dude. This widget is quite popular but, I did not install it because it takes place widgets (space) and add weight loading blog page blog.

8. Shoutbox / Guestbox / Guestbook

This widget like the comment box. It is easier to be used to foster friendship among bloggers for this widget normally used to greet time to stop by the blog. Many providers such as shoutmix guestbook widget, oggix, etc.

9. Recent Post

This widget function to display the latest article. For example, in the left sidebar of this blog. To get the widget it, try searching on search engines aja yah yes. Nyediain much coke.

10. Recent Comment

This widget is very useful even more useful than recent post. Why? This widget works feature the latest comments on our blog. So, we can know that in. If there's commentary. Memangsih widget is not very useful if only a few blog posts. But, if the blog has hundreds of posts, how do we know in the comments? So, I highly recommend this widget. Search aja this widget on search engines (search engines). Kalo nope, blogger also udah nyediain this widget. 


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