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16 Sep 2012

iStick, the size of a Flash Disk Computers Worth 69 USD that Can Support Up to 120 inch Screen

Do you want to have a smart TV at a bargain price? You may want to consider a mini computer Android on this one, namely iStick.

iStick is a computer the size of a flash disk specification has quite charming. This computer uses a dual-core processor speeds up to 1.8GHz, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory. The computer is also equipped with a microSD slot if you want to get extra storage capacity.

However, what makes it special not computer specifications. This computer can convert any type of monitor into a touch screen. Even iStick capable of supporting up to 120 inches. In addition, the computer also supports 720p resolution display. If you want to use a mouse / keyboard, USB hard drives, USB Hub and others.

According to the plan, which is a manufacturer of PQLabs this computer will be released to the market this month. And, the cheapest will be priced at $ 69 USD with a specification of the A100 single-core 1GHz processor.


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