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15 Sep 2012

Batik development phenomenon in Bandung PDF

Batik is not just fabric, but it also has a deeper meaning to the history and personality of the Indonesian nation. Namely, exotic batik depicting wealth archipelago. Temple reliefs, cloud, shadow, letters, and symbols come adorned ancient batik. Furthermore, through the merger of the painting with the art of decorating style clothing, batik art emerged as we know it today. The type and style of traditional batik very much. The style and its variations were adapted to the philosophy, environment and culture of each region are very diverse.

Currently batik fever is sweeping the world of fashion Indonesia. Fashion outlets in leading malls display batik clothes with a touch of contemporary design trends. Exhibitions and seminars on batik being vigorously swing done. Articles and coverage of batik has also appeared in print and electronic media. Even the reality show on several television stations also use batik dress code. Government and private agencies are also promoting batik uniforms for its employees. Several embassies abroad also began requiring its staff to wear batik on certain days to further promote batik. Batik euphoria has engulfed Indonesia. Not only in areas of batik such as Yogyakarta, Solo, and Pekalongan, batik developmental phenomenon also occurs in almost all of Indonesia, including in the city of fashion in Indonesia, Bandung.

The city itself is known for its shopping, scenery, culinary, educational, cultural and social life of a unique and diverse. Various nicknames given to describe the unique, one of which is Parijs van Java, Indonesia fashion icon. Factory Outlet, distro, is a boutique trading businesses in the areas of fashion, which are found in Bandung. In fact, London is very crowded visited by tourists from various regions in Indonesia (domestic tourists) or foreign (international tourists).

The process of acculturation condensed into a part of the development of batik in Bandung, such as Batik and Batik Komar Hasan. Acculturation that gave birth to an entirely different batik with batik and batik yogyakarta solo. No longer based berpalet tanned, but comes with a colorful motif bolder. Isenisen batik is not a symbol, but it refers to the natural surroundings. Both of these Batik maker contribute in the process of batik dynamics in Bandung.


Ahmad Saifudin adalah seorang mahasiswa yang kini baru menempuh studinya di salah satu universitas swasta di yogyakarta. Banyak sekali kekreatifitasnya yang sudah diakui oleh dirinya sendiri
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